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Learn how to make money from the comfort of your home!

Refer Associates is an association of members from diverse backgrounds that share the desire and determination to build a successful and rewarding income from home. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced homeworker or a beginner you can still create a prosperous income for yourself just by following our Simple SmartSystem™ to Success. Visit our Refer Associates website: 

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The Free Income Machine is Refer Associates premier income generation system. It's easy enough for beginners, yet so powerful that serious members are earning thousands per month from the programs that are included.

No selling or talking to anyone required. We do all the selling and explaining for you!

The Free Income Machine System Works For:

1. Beginners who don't want to have a web site, invest any money, do any selling, or learn much about marketing;
2. Beginners who have high-income goals and are willing to make a small investment and work at least a few hours per week;
3. Experienced marketers who want an easy way to add a lot more income to their business at no additional expense and with little or no additional work;
4. Anyone who wants to make good money from home without having to talk to anyone or answer any questions by email or social media.

All you have to do is let people know about the Free Income Machine and money flows to you. We provide the information and tools for using simple effective ways to reach good prospects.

You get 50% commission on sales as a free member and 100% commission as an upgraded member. Money from your sales goes right to you and you get it fast - at the time of sale. Orders are automatically filled at no cost to you.

"You Give Yourself A Better Life By Showing Others How They Can Have A Better Life"

When a product or service dramatically improves people's lives, not only is it easier and more profitable to promote, but it gives more personal satisfaction and more sense of purpose than one gets from recommending ordinary products.